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All You Need To Know About Fingerprint Wedding Rings

Choosing your wedding ring is a very important decision you have to make before tying the knot. Wedding rings are a symbol of your unity and will keep symbolizing your love for the rest of your life. That is the reason why fingerprint wedding rings are the perfect choice for you, combining style, comfort and your own personal touch  these wedding bands are so romantic and timeless.

Fingerprint wedding rings are amazing because no person has the same fingerprint like anyone else. Like our unique personality each of us has their own particular design of fingerprints making the rings you choose so special.


So how does it work ? to make fingerprint rings one needs to make an appointment with us in our studio where you will choose the design of your ring from a large collection of wedding rings, their are many designs suitable for fingerprints. Next we will produce the ring in a special goldsmiths wax and then we will take your fingerprint directly on the wax which will later be cast in gold.

sounds simple ? its not !


Capturing your fingerprint in wax requires lots of skill and expertise and thats exactly what our studio offers, with 12 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients. We love to meet you in our studio and be a part of your special moment, Our fingerprint wedding rings are made with lots of love and care and we f welcome you to join our hydra family and enjoy beautiful hand made gold jewelry that celebrates the meaning of family, love and life. 


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