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Studio Hydra gives its customers a life long guarantee on all jewelry made in the studio for repairing defects that originate in the process of making the jewell.

the warranty is not valid in case of direct or indirect damage caused by the customer including :

-damage caused by negligence.

- damage caused by other goldsmith work.

- damage caused by chemical compounds used in self cleaning.

-loss of jewelry.

- loss or damage to a central stone

The studio will reposition a central stone that has not been lost. Our recomendation upon purchasing a ring set with a large stone is to have the setting checked once a year for your safety.

The studio will allow one change of size in jewelry with no aditional charge

The studio guarantees that all jewelry leaving our shop is in perfect shape. If for some reason you have found a problem with your jewelry after purchase make sure to contact us within 24 hours from recieving your jewelry.

We are happy to provide our customers with cleaning service for their jewelry given freely once a year.



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