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The Studio

Our studio specializes in unique handcrafted jewelry, engagement, and wedding rings. We customize every piece of jewelry in our studio and offer an extensive range of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Hydra jewelry is timeless, and we love to imagine you passing it down from mother to daughter and father to son, carrying on your life story from generation to generation.

We work with only the best quality gold and silver to ensure your jewelry lasts a lifetime. We use only conflict-free diamonds and gemstones in our work. Ancient and modern techniques are used in our work, combining styles and creating a fusion of gold, silver, and stones.


Older brother Adar studied to be a jeweler from the hands of masters living in Israel and abroad. He loves working with different techniques and metals, exploring their boundaries and limits. Adar's inspiration comes from his love of life and people, experiencing the joy of friendship and complexity of Tel- Aviv urban life.


Little sister Adva studied design and goldsmithing at Shenkar design college, where she graduated with honors. Inspired by architecture and the fine arts, Adva contributes her love for minimalist aesthetics, clean lines, and precise finishing, which she engraves into the jewelry she creates.


On the third side of our triangle Adar's partner and Adva's sister-in-law, Ruthy, is our content and sales manager. Giving words and character to the ongoing studio life and the flow of creation in the workshop.

Our Story

Our lifelong wish has been to work and create together as brother and sister. Growing up, we were inspired by our late mother, Yardena, a fashion design teacher who loved crafts and arts. Zvika, our father, although having a regular nine-to-five job, spent all his free time in his rooftop workshop, creating and inventing with no boundaries.

From the youngest age, we learned there is nothing we couldn’t accomplish with our own two hands and free mind. It was only a matter of time until we started focusing on jewelry and jewelry design as our route to creative fulfillment.

We live in the now, but we are forged from our past experiences and future aspirations.

Our Design Philosophy

Our designs combine past, future, and present. This relationship between new and old enables us to create an extensive range of original textures and techniques in our work. We are inspired by many different styles and experiences, from ancient, rough gold jewels through vintage and retro to modern and neo-modern styles. Every piece of jewelry has its original personality and is ready to be embedded with your authentic story.


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