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For centuries mankind has gazed at the stars seeking answers. Imagining the unknown and the wonders space beholds.
Beautiful, mysterious and so far far away, stars and galaxies sparkled our curiosity from the early days of our childhood, inspiring us to create our galaxy collection.

בקר בקולקציה


We just addore hearts ! the iconic ancient symbol of love and affection never goes out of fashion, keeping its meanning throught history. Our hearts are handmade and each has its own special personality. 

בקר בקולקציה

Tfu Tfu Tfu

Whether you are an evil-eye believer or a natural-born skeptic, one can never be too safe!

Enjoy our evil eye collection and be sure to let us know if you wish to have your evil eye personalized with your choice of gemstones.

בקר בקולקציה


Discover our fingerprint jewellery made in 14k gold with your personal fingerprint.      Like people, there are no two fingerprints that are alike and that is what makes our fingerprint jewellery so special. Every fingerprint jewel, is cast in gold with your loved ones personal fingerprint, capturing the unique print that we leave in this world and in the lives of those we touch. The fingerprint collection is all  about cherishing our loved ones and keeping them close to our hearts.

*fingerprint jewelry is handmade in our studio. Please contact us to make an appointment. 

בקר בקולקציה


Fascinated by volcanic eruptions and the amazing textures formed by the collision of fire, stone, and earth, we created the Volcano collection exploring the layers, boundaries, and flexibility of matter.

בקר בקולקציה

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